- 2013

September 11, 2013
Dr. DongChun Shin re-elected Council Chair, CMAAO
November 10, 2011
Dr. DongChun Shin elected Council Chair, CMAAO
May 2~4, 2008
Hosting the 32nd Scientific Congress(in celebration of 100 Years Anniversary)
October 15~18, 2008
- Hosting the World Medical Association(WMA) General Assembly Seoul (in celebration of 100 Years Anniversary)
- Adoption of Declaration of Seoul by WMA
November 15, 2008
Celebration of 100 Years Anniversary


September 9~11, 2005
- Hosting the 24th CMAAO Congress
- Dr. JJ Kim inaugurated as the 27th President of CMAAO
July 6, 2002
Opening of the Research Institute for Healthcare Policy
July 13, 2001
Medical Cooperation Agreement between KMA and Chosun Medical Association of North Korea
October 19, 2000
Hosting ASEM Medical Forum in Seoul
Strike for physician's right, Introduction of the Direct Vote System


July 8, 1997
Hosting Korea-China Joint Medical Conference in Beijing, China
May 29, 1992
Medical Exchange Agreement between KMA and Chinese Medical Association(CMA)
April 5, 1991
Medical Exchange Agreement between KMA and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences(RAMS)
October 24, 1985
Dr. T.J. Moon inaugurated as the 37th President of WMA
September 14, 1981
Hosting the 12th CMAAO Congress (Hosting the 7th Congress in 1971)
November 23, 1974
Foundation of the Korean American Medical Association
April 8, 1972
Foundation of the Korean Japanese Medical Association


March 21, 1967
First Publishing of Korean Medical Association News
November 18, 1961
Joined the Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania(CMAAO)
October 13, 1961
Establishment of the Code of Physician's Ethics
July, 1949
Joined the World Medical Association(WMA)
September 21, 1948
Renamed the Korean Medical Association
May 10, 1948
First Publishing of the Journal of Chosun Medical Association
May 10, 1947
Foundation of the Chosun Medical Association as the First national organization of physicians
November 15, 1908
Foundation of the Medical Affairs Research Society