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    Korean Medical Association (KMA) is the central representative body of 130,000 physicians of Korea and has led various activities for promoting people's health and improving health care system based on the highest professionalism and enthusiasm.

    Since established in 1908, KMA has played a pivotal role in enhancing the standard of medicine into that of the most developed countries and there has been a rapid increase in the average life expectancy at birth of Korean people standing at over 80 years.

    KMA is putting its best efforts to build up better and safe environment in which physicians can make best decisions for patients based on their professionalism and clinical independence and contribute to the enhancement of people's happiness.
  • Most Faithful Health Resource For People

    The webpage of KMA ( is in line with these efforts. Since launched in 1996, it has developed into a health web portal that is informative and user-friendly for common people as well as physicians.

    The contents of the KMA webpage runs the gamut of variety from selected health articles, latest health news to disease information. KMA will continue to do its best to collect the latest scientific development and health information and distribute them through the web-page.

    KMA webpage also provides tailored contents for physicians as well such as online legal consultant, online medical terminology dictionaries, online continuous medical education, etc.
  • Constructive Channel for Communication and Interaction

    KMA will remain firm to fulfill its mission to best serve for people's health and happiness and achieve highest standards of medicine in this rapidly-changing era. For this mission, KMA will cherish every single opinions of people. KMA webpage will be a constructive communication channel to share valuable information and ideas and to build up favorable interaction between physicians and patients.

    I hope you will benefit a lot from this webpage. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback or any suggestions. Your opinions will add values to KMA's existence.

    Thank you.
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