Declaration of Physicians' Ethics

We physicians are granted the lofty mission of preserving and enhancing the life and health of our nation and all mankind.
There, we, solemnly make it our duty to carry out this mission, and pledge as follows :

We will preserve our dignity and honor as physicians in any circumstances, by practicing the art of medicine to the best of our medical abilities and with the highest standard of ethics.
We will discharge our social duty, by promoting a relationship of love and confidence between physicians and their patients, so they can trust and love each other.
We will exemplify the highest level of competence, through mutual respect and cooperation with all medical professionals as well as the companion physicians.
We affirm the nation's right to health and medical treatment by creating the proper medical environment to meet the changing social phenomena with in the nation an a whole.
We solemnly declare that we will uphold the honor of the medical and the dignity of the physician by practicing the above pledge faithfully.

Amended on February 27, 1997

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